It’s hard to help

I’m finding it really time consuming and discouraging all the effort that needs to go into searching for and applying to somewhere volunteer.  I wanted start with dog fostering but after searching through all of central Florida I only found a couple opportunities that matched me in location and requirements.  After all that neither of the ones that I applied have ever bothered to answer me.

The world of volunteering is a seriously disgruntled one. 

I suppose all I can do for now is keep searching until I can get myself a good opportunity or two in volunteering.  Hopefully later I can go back and make animal fostering easier for others.

I’m still gathering information and inspiration on the wedding.  Ken is very very involved in the planning and I love how open he is to any ideas and how quickly he can solve the how to questions posed by my what if we want to try this questions.

A casual beach wedding has so much to offer in the way of easy diy projects to lower costs.  Personally I can’t wait to get through it to the honeymoon though!


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