Working for Change

I’ve been counting down the days till this week off. Finally, whew!

Trying to get my dog jump started on losing the weight the vet said she needs to.  After a day at doggie day care and a day at the beach I’m not even sure if she’ll be for a trip to the dog park tonight!


Researching charities today. My two available options are to create my own or prioritize the order in which I want to change the world.  First of all, I can’t find a broad spectrum charity that includes more than one main focus.  I don’t see the point in adding to the list of already existing charities when there is one for every type of change.  If I were to focus on one change at a time I see it being possible to learn more about each topic and how to connect them.

My mind is filled to overflowing with wedding plans and ideas and we haven’t even set a date.  I’m so happy have a partner that has my back and shares my goals.  This wedding is a focus point for so much good in my life.  I’m going to ask if he’s down with asking guests for charitable donations instead of wedding gifts.  I wonder how else I can include good deeds and feelings into the day?


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