Staying within a Goal’s Limits

I read an article in the news this week about the 5 most common regrets that people have about the way they’ve lived their lives, those surveyed were all in the closing days of their own lives.  The one that most caught my attention and has been stuck in my mind all week is the regret of always having worked so hard.

Now, don’t get more wrong.  I love my job as a cake decorator.  However after a week of giving it my all my patience is at it’s end and I’m worn out.  After a week of going in every day and focusing on completing each task one at a time, challenging myself to present a good example of a Christian, and taking the time to get to know and communicate with co-workers and customers I come home satisfied that I gave it my all but not stressed out or overly worn out physically.  

It’s been difficult trying to change the way I work but it feels SO much better knowing that I improved other people’s days and you know what?  I got a damn good evaluation and raise last week!


I believe that life isn’t for lazy people but the way you work has to be balanced with your family life, health, and goals. 

Having Crohns definitely puts quite a damper on my energy levels.  I don’t have kids, so I have much more out of work free time then some.

…and my goals?  First and foremost I want to change the world as I’ve said before.  Closer to the present I want to finish remodeling my second bathroom-grass growing inside may make funny jokes of having a grow room but after a year of having a room that’s completely gutted in your house, well that gets old.  Not to mention this wedding of mine is fast approaching and needs planning.


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