Leaving Memories, Gaining Knowledge

I put the Saab up for sale today.  That hurt less than I thought, with so many memories attached.  I know financially and mentally it will be better to leave this particular model Saab behind and look forward to the hopefully bright future with NEVS (the company that now owns Saab).  Maybe one day I’ll go back and revisit those memories.


My cousin from Wisconsin is down here, reminding me how much more interesting my family is than most.  New stories this time revealed that my grandma’s brother killed his wife and my aunt had another daughter that she adopted out that I had no idea even existed.  None of this even surprises me anymore, my family is like a drama on tv.  Never boring, lots of laughs, and usually a good ending.

Worked on filling out my sample voting ballet today.  I’m glad I’m not in politics geeze.  Cakes are much less demanding of me.  How do most people vote?  How does the normal person working full time have time to research all these people when it’s hard enough just setting ten minutes aside each day to read the news? 


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