Changing my Way

I appreciate the feedback on my last post so much!  Since then I got rid of my many lists but kept the app regularly installed to remind me of those things that I don’t do often like changing my toothbrush out or when to flea the animals. 

I think to-do lists can work for some, of not most people but I feel much better without that never ending list dragging behind me.  Something interesting I read was about how many people are using lists to procrastinate actually doing which is so true in my case.  Yes, checking things off gives me an extra feeling of getting things done but most of the things on the list will get done either way, I’m not going to forget the important things.  The things I do forget obviously weren’t important enough anyway.

Here’s to a new way of perception; seeing each day for what it has to offer instead of as a period of time to see how much I can get done before I collapse into bed again.


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