Change comes from Nowhere


Change can come and go through so many channels. 

Talked to my old co-worker and friend Kathryn today and she’s got major changes going on in her life.  She’s moving back to Georgia from Key West which is obviously is going to change her life.  It’s also going to change many people’s lives in Key West and Georgia, both people she knew and didn’t. 

Another change came in the way of my Saab today.  I love my Saab but with it come the problems that too many people see as a staple of foreign cars: always breaking and expensive to fix. Saab means much more me than that though.  A company started by aerocraft engineers, none of who had their drivers license.  Anyhow long saab story made short, I had one, I loved one (haven’t driven one of the ones before gm bought them?  You haven’t driven one then), I wanted another.  Now after years of searching I got one like my old one but made the goal of getting a new Saab after the company that now owns Saab gets them into production in America.  No cigar.  The company is doing very poorly and I don’t see that happening in the next few years if ever.  Ghosts of memories and lost friends surround me in this car, keeping me from focusing on the road ahead…pun intended…now with 2 mechanical failures in a single week I’m wondering if this might be a sign of another change.  Major for me, but just another car to anyone on the outside.


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