New Experiences

Having a strong faith is essential in trying new things because in my case it’s what keeps me calm and not fearful.

Now that we’ve set a date be wed we have to plan and prepare.  This is something that neither of us has been through.  That in itself is a new experience because usually one of us has experience in everything we do.  We’ve decided to go with a smaller, simpler wedding.  This takes fear and frustration out, not that either of us is broke but we’re also not rolling in the dough.  Luckily neither of us has ever had the dream of a huge, luxerious, event of the year wedding. 

This whole thing will be a huge, new change for both of us: the planning of the wedding, combining our lives officially into one, and mapping out the rest of our lives together on one path.

Also today in trying to keep with a former change (changing myself, being fit and healthy) I’m going to try geochaching with my pup.  It sounds like a lot of fun!


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