Life Changes

I said back several posts ago that my attitude was going to be an ongoing change that would never be complete. 

After talking with Ken last night and setting a date for our wedding (May) I also realize that finances are the same. 

Everything in this world changes constantly and it’s hard to try to keep up with it, even in just your small corner of the world. 

So I’m back at redoing my budget again and trying to make sense of doing right from wrong in that part of my life.  I believe I should pay for the wedding since it’s usually the bride’s father that pays and when my father passed away he left me his house. Is that right?  I believe I should be donating charities or a charity but since I can’t find one that fits my vision, which one should I choose? Giving ten percent of my income to the Lord but I don’t have a home church..agh

Decisions and change.  What can I do but keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope I choose the right path?


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