Change WITH technology

I’ve studied up on the answer of wether or not all this new technology (for example: the abundance of smart phone applications available) can actually help us.  The answer is so so simple I can’t believe that I even had ask that question.  Furthermore I can’t believe how many articles have been written on the subject.

Technology CAN help us, but if it does or not all depends on if we help ourselves. 

Simple right?  If you download an app to count calories you have to be honest with it and enter everything you’re actually eating.  If you download an app to learn another language you have to go to the trouble of setting time apart each day to use that app.

So yes, technology can help us progress and it is an invaluable tool we can all use.  We just have to remember to use it to save time and then to use the time we saved to actually be more productve.


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