Change Could…

You awake in the morning well rested and refreshed.  It’s easy to get enough sleep when you feel safe in your home and satisfied with your life.

Your home is one of a hundred in this community, although if you had wished you could have chosen to live outside of the community in more seclusion but with no less benefits.  You designed your home to meet your needs and wants and appreciate the 100 percent sustainability that it was designed with which means you have no utility bills whatsoever.

You climb out of your comfortable full sized bed and gaze around your bedroom.  Decorated to combine your tastes with both efficiency and sustainability the walls are colored a light blue and the floor is a sturdy grey wood.  A large window gives a view of a small lake surrounded by the other homes and buildings in this community.  Various pieces of art and personal mementos decorate the room.

A painting of underwater life displaying the soft colors of a coral reef with a whirlwind of vibrant tropical fish swimming through and around it.  The shades of the water simmer from teal and deep blue to a bright sky blue.

A shadow box is set into one wall and cleverly displays dozens of shells and pieces of coral you’ve collected.

On your bedside table rests a photo of your immediate family taken at sunset in front of the lake, the very lake visible out your bedroom window.

You walk over to the wardrobe set into one wall.  As you approach the display screen turns on and, recognizing you displays your personal options.  The weather is displayed across the top of the screen which helps with making sure you don’t end up outside wearing a tank top just because it looks bright and sunny through the window when the tempature is well below 50!  Below the weather several options are available.  You can select your favorites which includes outfits you wear often or ones that you’ve put together and saved.  A second option can order new clothes from an almost unlimited selection for delivery later.  Another option allows you to put together your expected schedule for the day and allow a fashion expert to assemble an appropriate outfit for you.

Once you’ve selected what you want to wear, the wardrobe will gather the pieces and open so that you can grab them.  Clothes are stored within the walls of the buildings being made, moved, and cleaned all by machine.  This removes clothes from sitting unused in the back of closets and at the same time provides an extra later of insulation within the walls.

Next you go into the restroom removing your gown and you enter the refresher, a machine that looks much like a walk in shower. It is full of tiny molecules that surround and cover you.  They clean your hair, skin, even your teeth.  If you’ve customized them to do so, they’ll also apply make up for you and remove any unwanted body hair.

Exiting the refresher, you dress and your rumbling belly tells you that breakfast should be next.  So you walk down the hall and into the kitchen where you cross the room and climb onto a stool by the bar.  The bar is up against another large picture window but this one faces out the other side of your home and shows a view of monorails and flying cars going towards and away from your community.  The land is luscious with different types of trees and other plants on this side of the community.  You see birds flitting from tree to tree and even a few small deer foraging in the shade of a monorail track.

An electronic globe zooms across the room and hovers close to you at eye level.  A panel on it’s side slides away, revealing a screen.  On the screen you can scroll through hundreds of options and put together your desired breakfast choosing anything from a spinach omelet and strawberry smoothie to a slice of cold pizza with a can of coke. 

You decide on French toast, yogurt, and water.  Once you’ve made your selection the globe slides back another panel revealing what appears to be a soft cushioned area resembling a dry stamp pad.  It invites you to press your palm against it should you wish.  You agree and several seconds later a message on the screen announces that you are in great health today but suggests a calcium supplement.  You agree to that also and then turn away from the globe back towards the window.

While waiting for your meal to arrive you pull a tablet towards you that had been sitting on the bar.  You touch the screen to turn it on and quickly scan over a summary of the day’s top news for the community and then the rest off the world. 

Your breakfast arrives with a subtle ding to alert you and you walk over to the small door in the wall to retrieve it.  It appears much like a dumb waiter from times past. 

After breakfast you head out of your home.  The community works by supporting itself.  Each individual except for the very young or very old has 3 duties they must complete.  They must work; you can choose your own job doing anything you desire from farming or cleaning to writing or teaching.  You can change your job as often as you want simply by choosing from a list of open needs. 

Also each individual must spend time learning, you can choose anything to learn about and choose to do so alone or with a group.  This is anything from research and development of new technology to practicing to ice skating techniques.

The only other thing each individual is required to do is keep up with the community news and goals to help the community move forward.  You can do this both by keeping up with the news on your tablet and meeting with a group of leaders that help bring the community together to organize how to progress and achieve future goals.
 Where would you choose to go from here?



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