Learning to relax a strict schedule that I try to keep myself to is actually far more productive than freaking out every time something unexpected comes up.

Like today for example, as excited as I was to make that wedding cake I had to call in sick to work.  Crohn’s can really put a damper on completing goals at any reasonable pace. 

I’m trying to get it through my head that it’s God’s timing, not mine.

While being forced to take this day off, I’ve been thinking and reading.  Interesting question:  In trying to reduce the number and intensity of the flare ups I have with my Crohns Disease AND follow the directions the doctor gave me to much lower my chances of cervical cancer, I’m stuck with a hard choice.  Do I keep doing what I’m doing since the Crohn’s is relatively calm right now, or do I (take into consideration the slight cervical dysplasia that the doctor said I have) start taking the immune boosting supplements the doctor suggested?  Keeping the Crohns calm avoids all those complications but since it’s an autoimmune disorder how do I know the supplements wouldn’t cause a flare up?   Or do I take then and lower my chance of cervical cancer?

How do you make a decision when either way you lose? 


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