The fourth and fifth changes.


I want things to be done faster, change faster then they are.  I see that it just isn’t possible and this is where the mood down here in Key West comes in. 

I moved down here to get away from my dad’s house after losing him, my step mom Phillis, my friend Kody, and my grandma last year.  The house and whole area of Orlando seemed to have a sad cloud hanging over it.  Probably had something to do with losing so much in the short few months that I lived in that house. 

Turns out that Key West has way more to offer than just being a beach location!  The people down here refer to how time seems to be not quite slower but just right, where you can take your time or hurry as you want or need and not panic or worry if someone else is going faster or slower.  This has taught me how to slow down and just take things as I can AND do things as quickly as efficiently as possible while not freaking out when something goes wrong in my plan.  This is referred to as living on Key West Time.  I still have a long way to go but it sure takes a lot of stress off your shoulders when you know you are moving as fast as you can efficiently move.

So what I am trying to say is that while I want to make all these changes at the same time and do it RIGHT NOW, I now realize that making the changes as quickly as I can will take longer in the long run because they won’t work at all or they won’t stick in place in the long run. 

So on that train of thought, I am feeling so motivated this week that I want to try for more than one change but since I want them to stick and become habits I’ve chosen two fairly simple but largely impacting changes;

First off I completely tore apart my finances and made myself a new (and very prettily colored!) digital budget that I can stick with, and even set myself some long and short term goals.  By the end of 2016 I should be completely out of debt, living in my dream home, and the proud owner of a therapy certified Bella and a Saab!  Those are all the motivation I need, and to see those things are within my reach make it seem way easier to stick to this budget.

My other change this week is to begin drinking enough water.  We’ve all heard a thousand times how we need to drink enough water but I think that starting these workout plans really ups my need for hydration! 

Seems funny I live on a tropical island surrounded by water and I’m not getting enough. 

Not to mention that drinking water slowly throughout the day really helps keeping things moving right along….lovely lovely Crohn’s…

I found this picture with the caption of ‘Water Changes Everything’.  Love it.


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