The third change.


So today was the last day of my vacation, tomorrow I go back to work.  I’ve been working constantly on changing my attitude and after studying, what I found was three things to be recurring, things that everyone seems to agree are necessary for one to have a great attitude.  It was the same theme running through subjects on how to become happy, be calm, love your job, or even how to have a great vacation. 

These things are the need to meditate, good health, but most prominent was BEING KIND TO OTHERS! 

  I see now that the journey for this change will be a never ending one.  I’ll be incorporating this into all the changes I make from here on out.  I definitely have a lot to work on, my biggest challenge will probably be my patience. It is not that I think of myself as better than anyone else, but that I get easily annoyed if anyone doesn’t perform at a level high enough to please me.

Dang.  Put out like that in actual words, it sounds even worse than I thought it was.  Yeah I have much to work on inside of me for sure!

So I’ve started this blog, and that will need to fulfill my meditating for right now. 

I think the next most important thing is my health.  I’ve made the hardest change already – I quit smoking over 1 year ago!  Honestly I cannot say that I feel any different or that all of a sudden my bank account is overflowing from the sudden increase of seven dollars a day…but hey.  Even though I lack feeling better from it noticeably, “they” were also wrong about me wanting one for the rest of my life.  They just sound disgusting now, even when I drink.

I’ve typed up a workout program that is 15 weeks long.  It is designed to help me start training to run a marathon (my hyper little lab loves this part of the workout), get back to being fit for surfing (getting out past those waves is grueling and there are no waves here in Key West but I don’t plan on living here forever), and an overall core strengthening program.  I started it the day before yesterday, wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “The third change.”

  1. That is a wonderful observation. holistic health, as I write about in my blog, is an all encompassing subject. Mind body and soul must be balanced to achieve good health!

  2. I can’t believe the difference just a week has made taking out the stress from having a bad attitude and adding exercise. I checked out your blog, and I just want to eat every single food idea you have on there! That fruited quinoa? YUM. You know enough to be a great life-change coach, that’s some good information you are sharing on there.

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