The second change.


What I want to change is everything.  Sounds vague you say?  That’s not what I’m going for at all!  I mean it to sound BIG and WIDE – not vague.  I want to change everything including the worlds’ biggest problems (hunger, pollution, human anger) and the worlds’ smallest problems (my head aches, the cost of my phone bill, and the temptation to eat everything in the bakery). I guess what I mean to say is that I want to solve all the problems I can, resulting in changing the world.

Pretty Big.

From what I can see around me it seems that most people are satisfied living their lives with much clearer goals such as becoming rich or having a big family, or not having any goals at all and just living life as it comes and seeing where it takes them.  Whatever, that’s fine for them if that satisfies them but I happen to feel like I can and should do something a little different.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and have not been able to find a pace to start.  The more I think on the subject though the more I think I need to learn from all those people who are satisfied just living life to see where it takes them.  Life here in Key West certainly makes that idea seem logical and appealing!  So I’ve decided to start changing the world one change, one step at a time.  I’m not going to plan the next step until I’ve completed the current step because how will I know what I’m capable of until I am there?  The first thing I want to change is myself because I don’t think I can help anyone else until I’ve helped myself. 

So the second change will be my attitude.  I want to become a more calm, hopeful, and motivated person.  Since just waking up every morning with the goal of being in a good mood everyday doesn’t seem to be getting me anywhere I guess I need to start with some good old studying.  Come here Google!


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